Why Prohibit Fracking and Why Now?


  • TOP Operating was ready to pull permits for multi-well pad drilling sites in late 2011 to drill next to Union Reservoir, neighborhoods, and between Trail Ridge Middle School and Fall River Elementary School until the city enacted a temporary moratorium in response to citizen pressure. The moratorium has since lifted and TOP has a Surface Use agreement with Longmont to drill 11 well pads around Union Reservoir and in Sandstone Ranch Park. The City is currently being sued by the State of Colorado for new regulations that among other things, prohibit oil & gas exploration in Residential Zones (unless it is proven that it can’t be gotten to otherwise).
  • Multi-well pads don’t belong next to homes, schools, businesses, water sources and in parks.
  • The industry has indicated time and time again that they will not bend, that it intends to preserve the status quo that provides it with the power to drill wherever, whenever and however it wants.
  • All indications show that Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Stakeholder Meetings are highly unlikely to result in increased setbacks from homes, schools, churches, businesses and bodies of water.
  • Multiple efforts to introduce legislation at the state level that would protect communities have failed.
  • The Governor’s Task Force failed to produce any efforts to increase setbacks from homes, schools, churches, businesses or bodies of water.
  • Time is running out to protect our homes, families and parks.
  • Multiple failures at all levels of government and industry have left the citizens of Longmont with no alternative but assert their guaranteed rights of health, safety and welfare.

Please join us in supporting a ban on fracking in Longmont city limits. Protect our air and our water. Protect our health, safety, property values and our well-being. Protect the future of Longmont.