City Council’s Regulatory Approach:

Our Health, Our Future, Our Longmont’s Charter Amendment is not connected to Longmont City Council’s new regulations. It is a ballot initiative to be voted on by Longmont citizens that would ban hydraulic fracturing in city limits. Information is provided here about City Council’s new regulations to clear up any confusion.

After what became a 9-month moratorium, City Council passed new regulations that among other things, ban fracking within Residential Zones, unless the minerals cannot be  gotten to from outside Residential Zones. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation, through the State, immediately filed suit against Longmont for enacting the new regulations. At the same time that the City passed the new regulations, they also passed a Surface Use Agreement which negotiated with TOP Operating and allows 11 primary drilling locations and 2 proposed consolidated tank batteries and 2 existing tank located around Union Reservoir, across the road from Trail Ridge Middle School and at Sandstone Ranch. It also prevented the originally agreed upon consolidated pad right next to homes and Trail Ridge Middle School. (Click here to view the Surface Use Agreement)

State suit against Longmont would be uncharted territory (Times-Call Article)

“The ink was barely dry on Longmont’s new oil and gas regulations when the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission directed its attorney to sue the city.”

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State of Colorado bullies Longmont on behalf of oil and gas industry (Boulder Weekly Opinion)

“Longmont city council members knew that the state might sue their community over the new oil and gas regulations that they passed a few weeks back. But it was a risk that they were willing to take in order to protect their town’s residents’ health, property values and overall quality of life. And besides, the council and the people of Longmont still held out hope … they still believed that in the end the state might just show itself to be something other than a shill for the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, their hope was misplaced.”

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