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Want a quick, visual way to check out spills across Colorado?

Center for Western Priorities has created a map that not only shows you the spill location, but also allows you to click on it to see details of how many gallons and date as well as lets you click further to see the detailed COGCC spill report. It also allows you to sort by year.


Update: The lawsuit to defend Longmont’s voter approved fracking ban is moving on from the district court, where a judge issued a summary judgment against it.

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Keep Longmont a Great Place to Live

On November 6th, Longmont citizens passed Question 300 by a vote of almost 60%. Over 25,000 Longmont citizens voted YES to prohibit hydraulic fracturing and its disposal wastes from Longmont city limits!

But the fight is not over! Threats of lawsuits loom as Longmont will likely soon have to fight the State and the Oil and Gas Industry who are bullying Longmont into giving up its local control.

Help Longmont stand up for our constitutional right to protect our health, safety & property values!

Fracking is a dangerous, industrial activity.

Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) uses pressurized injection of water and toxic chemicals to fracture the shale under the earth to release the oil or gas. Current state regulations allow it 350 feet from homes and schools.


  • The health effects of toxic chemicals put into the air and water in close proximity to where adults and children live, work, and play.
  • Damage to property values, community image, beauty, and infrastructure (such as roads) thatwe pay for with our taxes.
  • Noise and lower quality of life resulting from 24/7 heavy industrial activity, stadium style lighting, and thousands of tanker truck trips for each well.

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The Human Toll

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