Demands from the Residents of Longmont:

The residents of Longmont hereby demand that the Longmont City Council act decisively to protect their health, safety, community, and homes from the destructive incursion of fracking into the city limits. Read More>


Keep Longmont a Great Place to Live

In the November 2012 election, the Longmont voters overwhelmingly – nearly 60% – voted for the right to protect themselves, their property, their families and their community from the dangers of fracking with the City Charter Amendment below.

In 2014 Governor Hickenlooper filed suit against those communities that successfully enacted bans or moratoriums to protect themselves. Our Longmont joined the suit as an intervenor.

In early 2016, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled against bans and moratori. Our battle for our Health, Safety and Welfare continues…



Want a quick, visual way to check out spills across Colorado?

Center for Western Priorities has created a map that not only shows you the spill location, but also allows you to click on it to see details of how many gallons and date as well as lets you click further to see the detailed COGCC spill report. It also allows you to sort by year.


Fracking is a dangerous, industrial activity.

Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) uses pressurized injection of water and toxic chemicals to fracture the shale under the earth to release the oil or gas. Current state regulations allow it 350 feet from homes and schools.


  • The health effects of toxic chemicals put into the air and water in close proximity to where adults and children live, work, and play.
  • Damage to property values, community image, beauty, and infrastructure (such as roads) thatwe pay for with our taxes.
  • Noise and lower quality of life resulting from 24/7 heavy industrial activity, stadium style lighting, and thousands of tanker truck trips for each well.

More about fracking >

The Human Toll

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